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A sartorial tradition as an undisputed cultural heritage, which exalts a never-conventional but innate and refined charm of this region.

Pieces as a noble celebration of traditional craftsmanship, that meets contemporary class made of perfect forms, particular combinations and precious details.

A wonderful colour palette, that evokes ancestral traditions, myths and endless landscapes in fine textile masterpieces. Andrea Neri menswear as sublimation of Tuscan Beauty and Tuscany knowledge.

“Colours experienced as passion. Passion designed as a lifestyle.”

Like the red wine of a new and refined formality, the beautiful green hills that flow into the brilliance of a blue that brings marine fragrances, mixed with flavours of wheat fields alive with yellow.

Suits and jackets cut with the variety and richness, unstructured and distinct as to encompass the rural Tuscan simplicity that contrasts and surprises in the artistic works of brilliant minds

Our Made in Italy Certification

We believe Made in Italy is a fundamental value offered to our clients around the world.