05 Feb Press Release Fall Winter 2016/17

Fifth stage Pitti Uomo signed Andrea Neri for the 3.0 generation Dandy, from the previous editions already spokesman of a true philosophy of #LIVING TUSCANY become, through Him, #WEARINGTUSCANY.Always lover and promoter of an elegance that expresses his constant research for Beauty, our contemporary dandy carries in the garment of winter season 2016 /2017, directly from the end of ‘800, one of the most famous iconic images of that fashion: flower.

Fiercely worn in the lapels, introduced inside the garment to design linings and accessories, it becomes main theme of shirts and pochettes, as essential element symbolizing the love for decorative but also the idea that the dandy has of life (beautiful, scented and insidious at the same time) and of himself: flower is life transformed into decoration. The recall of this collection is immediate to the extraordinary flowering of buttonholes in the jackets of famous characters such as Montesquiou and his orchid, Oscar Wilde and his green carnation or Jean Cocteau and his gardenia.

From this nostalgic mood for an age of harmony and aesthetic triumph, originate pieces beautiful to see – outside and inside – and live , realized in refined fabrics with precious blends: silk, wool mohair, cashmere, alpaca and baby alpaca, with tridimensional look and rich touch; in this collection even the wool and wool/cotton jerseys enter, mixing the refined and formal appeal of the textures to a comfort now indispensable for modern man, giving a pleasant balance also to the quite slim silhouettes of the styles.

Very detailed pieces with handmade workmanship in buttonholes and flowerloops of jackets and coats, original embroideries on the sleeves of suits and on the collars of vests, contrasted tailoring stitchings in shirts, bastings and pipings on facings and undercollars, pochettes and papillons sewn by hand, makes of the mans’ wardrobe of this season a proper expression of life style.

A life style praising to uniqueness and distinction from mass: Andrea Neri’ s man is conscious that he does not follow fashion, but creates his own choosing to wear pieces full of absolute value. A value that the dandy 3.0 recognizes in every piece of the collection by the certification of authentic Made in Italy , given by the inside ologram and the QR CODE, both allowing to trace and visualize in details its origin and history in order to definitely live its excellence.